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No Hub and Plain End Acid Waste Jointing System

Reduce Labor and Simplify Installation with Orion Acid Waste Drainage System

Orion Fittings No Hub acid waste mechanical joint drainage system is economical and easy-to-install.

Our exclusive No-Hub coupling greatly simplifies installation by eliminating the need for expensive tools such as torque wrenches, power packs and special tightening tools. One easy-to-use, inexpensive pipe grooving tool and standard tool box hand tools are all that are needed to produce tight, leak-free joints every time. Thus, significant savings can be realized by specifying and installing Orion Polypropylene or PVDF drainage systems assembled with a mechanical joining system.

Here's why the No-Hub drainage system is a favorite of engineers and contractors:

  • Fast and easy installation means lower labor cost
  • All fittings pre-grooved at factory
  • 10' length standard (20' sections available)
  • No heat or hot water required
  • Easily assembled with ordinary hand tools
  • Easy to clean out and maintain (made with maintenance people in mind)
  • Adaptable for use with other materials, including PVDF
  • Stainless steel outer coupling
  • No metal in joint
  • Suitable for below ground applications
  • Easy fabrication of complex sub-assemblies

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