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Engineered Flood Protection Valve Station

The Watts PVS-7000 Engineered Flood Protection Valve Station with SentryPlus Alert™ technology delivers a single solution for backflow prevention that help protect against costly flooding from relief valve discharge, along with providing the assurance of real-time multi-channel notifications to keep you updated so you can take action.

Starting with one of Watt’s industry-leading high performance RPZ backflow preventers, a sensor in the drain line is used to detect continuous, high-volume discharge from the relief valve. This sensor activates the LFF113RFP ACV, which will shut off the supply of water to the backflow preventer. Simultaneously, SentryPlus Alert™ technology will send a text, email, or phone call to alert you to a potential issue.


  • Continuously monitors for potential catastrophic flood condition
  • Automatically shuts off water supply to the backflow preventer
  • Provides real time multi-channel alerts
  • Includes high-performance backflow preventer (Watts 957 or LF909, FEBCO LF860) and ACV (LFF113RFP)
  • Provides automated flood protection to avoid costly water damage

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